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Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont & Washington
July 16, 2018 email EMAIL


by ProAssurance

ProAssurance Group is rated "A" (Excellent)

New policy form and PracticeGuard endorsement.

Texas limits up to $3,00,000 only and is written through ProAssurance Lawyers Purchasing Group. In all the other states it is ProAssurance Indemnity Company.

ProAssurance now has an AM Best rating of XIII ($1,25N - $1.5B) for lawyers professional liability insurance in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington.

Lawyer CareThis is an admitted product designed for law firms with one to 50 attorneys. Various limits of liability options are available up to $5 million, with deductible options as low as $1,000 and first dollar defense available to qualifying firms.

With ProAssurance's LawyerCare coverage, you receive years of experience, unwavering support and tough defense. Combined with LawyerCare's unique features and customizable options, it adds up to a comprehensive solution.

Policy highlights include:
  • - Broad definition of professional services
  • - Career coverage available for qualifying firms
  • - Defense costs in addition to the limits of liability available
  • - Free ERP for retiring attorneys
  • (must be insured with company for four consecutive years and age 55 or older)
  • - Individual ERP available
  • - Disciplinary defense coverage - $15,000 per proceeding/$30,000 per policy period
  • - Multiple extended reporting period (ERP) options
  • - Free 60-day automatic ERP
  • - Coverage available for part-time law firms
  • - Reduced rates for part-time attorneys