Grayhawk General Agency's mission is to not only be
a good LPL wholesale broker, but to be the best.

"Our agency is designed and operated to have uncapped healthy growth capability."

—Dan Moore

Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont & Washington
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Grayhawk General Agency

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Grayhawk General Agency, Inc.(GGA)

GGA was founded as a wholesale broker / managing general agent in April, 2003 by Dan Moore and Corey Richter. We founded GGA with the idea that we would not just be good at writing Lawyers Professional Liability, but that we would be the best!

about Grayhawk General Agency

In order to accomplish that goal, we set out to do three things.

First, we hand picked an exciting, diverse group of carriers/partners with whom to write business.

Second, we placed great value on forming relationships with some of the best retail agents in the industry.

Finally, we utilized today's technology to build a true paperless office that allows us to work quickly and efficiently.

With these goals met, we have enjoyed phenomenal growth and success with our carriers and agents. Thanks to all of you that are a part of it!